I’m not usually one to make new year’s resolutions. The last few years, my mantra has been to do whatever makes me happy. As we wrapped up 2015 and kicked off 2016, I reflected on the things that make me happy and realized that this year, I needed to make a change.

For a while, I think my “do what makes me happy” mantra worked. But as I learn more about managing my wellness, “adulting,” and life in general, I’m realizing I need to be more intentional. After chatting with my sistah-friend Mary and thinking about it some more, I realized that this will be my theme for 2016. Intentional.


To quote my former Clemson ResLife Curriculum folks, I want to do things “on purpose, with purpose.” This is my commitment to take on 2016, intentionally – to be present, set goals, learn from others, and live life with purpose.

To kick off my intentional theme, I’ve made a list of goals. Many of these things I’ve started doing. Or I’ll start and fall off. But I know I always feel happier when I do them and I plan on taking them on, intentionally.

Run the AthHalfTraining begins as soon as this cold is out the door. I’m ready for that endorphin boost.

Read more. 52 books to be exact. I’m a bookworm. Proud of it. You can follow the reading journey here.

Explore more. I’ve lived in Athens for over 6 months and have yet to explore the region. The to-do list is growing and recommendations are always welcome.

Send snail mail. Because coming home to mail from friends >>> bills.

Be creative. I love crafting, coloring, knitting, making music, etc. These are all activities I enjoy but don’t make enough time for. I’m ready to change that.

Write things down. Journaling, blogging, whatever form it takes on, I want to take the time to reflect, learn, and keep the memories.

Try new recipes. Because I got a new dutch oven and lots of delicious looking recipes pinned.

Be Present. It’s easy to get caught up in “What’s Next?” but I want to take the time to enjoy my life in the moment.

Remember, I’m enough. Things aren’t always perfect, and that’s perfectly okay.


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